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Established in 1981, Eyedeals is an independently owned and operated optometry practice and eyewear boutique located in the heart of Uptown, Minneapolis. We provide personalized eye care and feature unique, handmade eyewear from small independent eyewear designers.

After all, buying glasses should be fun! Long gone are the days you dread going to your eye doctor. We believe in honesty and transparency and that your eyewear should be a reflection of your most authentic self. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff care. It’s that simple.

Our Story

Well, it depends on who you ask. Here’s Caitlin’s cliff notes version:

It started off as a dream. A relentless fascination with entrepreneurship and with creating a unique eye care experience that differentiated us from the rest. Founder Dr. David Daly, father of Caitlin, was on a quest to provide a personalized experience, exceptional service and offer uncommonly cool eyewear.

Now, I don’t know if it was always part of his master plan for one of his children to take over the family business — but if it was, well played sir. 

As for how I came into the picture — it’s all a blur. From what I do remember though — I remember mastering my abc’s by filing charts, sketching eyewear designs from a young age and how special I felt every time I walked into the office for a visit. 

That “feeling” is Eyedeals. 

There’s oodles of history and stories I could divulge, but that’s part of the magic of coming into our store and discovering. I am incredibly humbled and honored to carry forth the family vision, and grateful you’ve chosen us for your eye care needs.


Caitlin Daly
Dr. Joel Peterson

All in the Family

since 1981


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Saturday–Sunday closed

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