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How Eyeglass Became Eyewear

Back in the “dark ages” eyeglasses were considered a medical device. That all changed in 1979 when opticians Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi opened their first optical shop in Los Angeles and l.a.Eyeworks was born.

While l.a.Eyeworks was busy promoting eyewear fashion on the west coast, Prince was introducing America to the Minneapolis Sound and Minneapolis Style. This west coast idea of “eyewear as a fashion accessory” fit perfectly with the Minneapolis Style of Kate and David Daly when in 1981 they opened Eyedeals in the Uptown area of Minneapolis and became l.a.Eyeworks first distributor.

And So It Began . . .

The transition from eyeglasses as a medical device to eyewear as a fashion accessory had begun. l.a.Eyeworks and Eyedeals were among the leaders of this initial vanguard of optical visionaries who believed in the power of Uncommonly Cool Eyewear to communicate your unique personal style to the world.

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