VSP – Vision Service Plan

Personalized Eye Care | Uncommonly Cool Eyewear

Eyedeals is an in network VSP Network Doctor. We provide personalized eye care and carry a wide selection of Uncommonly Cool Eyewear in a casual boutique environment. Our highly trained opticians are experts in helping you find eyewear that’s a perfect fit for your vision problem, lifestyle and budget.

Answers To Your VSP Questions

What’s the difference between “in-network” and “out-of-network” providers?

Don’t be confused by “out-of-network” offices that “accept” your vision plan. Out-of-network offices are not affiliated with your vision plan. This means that you have to pay the full cost of your services up front and file your own claim. When you use your vision benefits at an in network provider like Eyedeals there are no claims to file, no ID card required and your out of pocket costs are lower.

Can I use my VSP benefits online?

Just like “out-of-network” providers that claim to “accept” your vision plan, online optical stores often use confusing terms. They often claim to “accept” your vision plan or that they “partner” with VSP Network Doctors. Don’t be misled. The only place to receive all the benefits you are entitled to is at your VSP Network Doctors office.

Can VSP Network Doctors help me resolve problems with eyewear purchased online?

With few exceptions online eyewear are made with inexpensive materials and are not designed to be adjusted or repaired. Also, because VSP Doctors are not affiliated with online optical stores, they do not allow us to advocate for you if there is a vision problem. The best plan is to return the eyewear for a refund as soon as you notice any problems.

Am I limited to the kind of frames I can choose?

Heck no! When you use your vision benefits frame benefits at an in network provider you have the freedom to choose from a wide selection of Uncommonly Cool Eyewear found only at Eyedeals . Our experienced opticians will fit you with frames that are a perfect fit for your vision problem, lifestyle and budget. If you choose a frame exceeding your plan allowance, you’ll be responsible for paying the overage in addition to any applicable copays at the time of your visit.

Can I choose contact lenses instead of glasses?

Yes, if your group’s vision plan has coverage for contact lenses. If you choose contacts, you may not be eligible to receive any frame and lenses during the same service period. To find out if your plan allows this, log in to your vsp.com account. Then select “Benefits with VSP Network Doctors” from the left navigation.

Do you see children?

At Eyedeals our focus is on providing uncommonly cool eyewear and eye care to adults 21 and older. If you need help scheduling an appointment for your children we would be happy to make a recommendation.

Am I responsible for a copay when I visit Eyedeals?

Yes, if your group’s VSP plan includes a copay, you will need to pay during your visit. Copays typically apply to both you and the dependents covered under your VSP plan. To access your copay information, log in to your vsp.com account. Then select “Benefits with VSP Network Doctors” from the left navigation.

What lens options typically involve co-pays.

Your co-pays for frame and lens options vary according to your plan. Progressive lenses for example are a covered benefit in some plans and requires a co-pay in others.
– Anti-reflective coating: $0-$75
– Progressive Lenses: $0-$175
– Hi Index Lenses: $0-$295
– Transitions Lenses: $0-$70
– Polarized lenses: $0-105
– Standard Uncommonly Cool Frames: $0-$150
– Fancy Uncommonly Cool Frames: $150-$400

Why isn’t the contact lens exam covered as part of my routine eye exam?

The contact lens exam is a special exam in addition to your routine eye exam. This special contact lens exam ensures proper fit of your contacts and evaluates your vision with the contacts. Depending on your needs, we will provide training and follow-up care for 90 days following your initial visit at no additional fee.