Finding The Perfect Eyewear

Finding the perfect eyewear is easy if you know the rules.

Step 1: Learn the Fashion Rules:
The Eyewear Fashion Rules are a simple framework for understanding the difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Will our friends and family think a particular frame is “too much” or will they think it’s not enough. The Eyewear Fashion Rules make this process more predictable.

Step 2: Follow the Optical Rules:
The Optical Rules suggest the best size, shape and material for your lens prescription. For example if you are highly nearsighted your prescription will work better in a smaller frame, however if you wear progressive lenses larger frames are better for reading.

Step 3: Get Expert Advice:
At Eyedeals our opticians average over 7 years experience. They love eyewear and the positive transformation that the right frame can have to your appearance and your self confidence. Having expert advice can make the difference between amazing eyewear that you are always getting compliments on and eyewear that no one notices.

Here are some eyewear fashion rules to get you started.

Tip #1: Determine your face shape.
You should generally avoid frames the same shape as your face. Rectangular frames go with oval and round faces. Oval frames go with square and rectangular faces. Round frames with round faces? Not so much.

Tip #2: Avoid “all-purpose” eyewear.
Imagine shopping for shoes that you could wear to a nice restaurant, for a walk around the lake and to work on Monday. One-size fits all is limiting! The same holds true for your eyewear. If you already have a classic frame that you wear to work, look to complement this with a second pair that shows a different side of your personality.

Tip #3: Try on wider frames.
Many people wear frames that are too narrow for their face. Their eyes may be centered but the narrow width constricts their face. You want a shape that “opens up” the face, so add a little width to the top outside corners of the frames.

Tip #4: Skin tone rules!
Your most flattering frame colors are primarily determined by your skin tone. Hair and eye color, although important, are generally not as important as the color or “tone” of your skin. Warm skin tones do best with bronze, gold, tortoise, honey, brown, coral and aqua frames. Cool skin tones are look best with silver, pewter, blue, blue-gray, violet, charcoal and black frames.

Tip #5: Match the scale of the frames with your facial features.
Bold, oversize frames are dramatic and fabulous, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. A smaller face will be overwhelmed by thick, chunky frames. That same person can still wear bold frames if they choose a refined version of a chunky style.

Couple looking at eyeglasses

“So what frame will work best for me if I’m highly nearsighted, I wear progressive lenses and I have an oval face?”

Although that sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Our opticians have the experience to help you find the perfect frames for your prescription, your style and your budget. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a personalized eyewear fitting.

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