Buying Guide

Trying eyeglasses on

Our top ten tips for finding the perfect frames.

  1. Center your eyes in the frame: Regardless of the shape of the frame, your eyes should be centered horizontally within the lens opening.

  2. Avoid frames that are the same shape as your face: For example a round face needs a rectangular frame and a square face shape needs an oval shaped frame.

  3. Choose a frame color which is the "complement" (across the color wheel) of the color you are trying to emphasize: For example, try a brown frame to make your blue eyes pop or a green frame to set your red hair on fire!

  4. Avoid "all-purpose" eyewear: Imagine shopping for shoes that you could wear to a nice restaurant, for a walk around the lake and to work on Monday. One-size fits all is limiting! The same holds true for your eyewear. If you already have a classic frame that you wear to work, look to complement this with a second pair that shows a different side of your personality.

  5. Try on wider frames: Many people wear frames that are too narrow for their face. Their eyes may be centered but the narrow width constricts their face. You want a shape that “opens up” the face, so add a little width to the top outside corners of the frames.

  6. Wear your contact lenses when shopping for new frames: Sometimes frames that look great up close disappear when seen from a distance in a full length mirror. Look at your frames from different angles. Although you see your frames from the front, others see you from all angles.

  7. Bring along a style savvy friend: An extra set of stylish eyes can help you select the pair you'll really love. A skilled optical stylist can help you make the final big decision!

  8. Skin tone rules! Your most flattering frame colors are primarily determined by your skin tone. Hair and eye color, although important, are generally not as important as the color or "tone" of your skin. Warm skin tones do best with bronze, gold, tortoise, honey, brown, coral and aqua frames. Cool skin tones are look best with silver, pewter, blue, blue-gray, violet, charcoal and black frames.

  9. Match the scale of the frames with your facial features: Bold, oversize frames are dramatic and fabulous, but that doesn't mean they will work for you. A smaller face will be overwhelmed by thick, chunky frames. That same person can still wear bold frames if they choose a refined version of a chunky style.

  10. Practice your new eyewear fashion skills. Learn to spot warm and cool skin tones in people you know. If you see a fabulous frame on a friend or co-worker apply the fashion rules you've learned to determine why you like it. Before long you'll be the style savy friend everyone brings along.