Finding The Perfect Eyewear

Here are some eyewear fashion tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Determine your face shape.
Although there are many exceptions to the face shape rules it is generally a good idea is to avoid frames that are the same shape as your face. Knowing your face shape before trying frames on can be a good starting point.

Tip #2: Avoid “all-purpose” eyewear.
Imagine shopping for shoes that you could wear to a nice restaurant, for a walk around the lake and to work on Monday. One-size fits all is limiting! The same holds true for your eyewear. If you already have a classic frame that you wear to work, look to complement this with a second pair that shows a different side of your personality.

Tip #3: Try on wider frames.
Many people wear frames that are too narrow for their face. Their eyes may be centered but the narrow width constricts their face. You want a shape that “opens up” the face, so add a little width to the top outside corners of the frames.

Tip #4: Match the scale of the frames with your facial features.
Bold, oversize frames are dramatic and fabulous, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. A smaller face will be overwhelmed by thick, chunky frames. That same person can still wear bold frames if they choose a refined version of a chunky style.

Tip #5: It's A Team Sport
Although there are many eyewear fashion rules, an experienced optician should be part of your eyewear team. A skilled optician is essential to scoring eyewear that's perfectly matched to your needs, your prescription and your style. Schedule your appointment today for a personalized eyewear fitting.